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If you are trying to sell your home, most real estate experts will recommend that you have it staged. For those unfamiliar with this term, home staging is a process in which an expert helps you rearrange your furniture and décor items in order to make your property look more attractive to potential buyers. Our team here at Life Simply Organized provides expert home staging services, and we have put together this article to give you an overview of the basics.

Home Staging 101

The Purpose of Home Staging

As we mentioned, the purpose of home staging is to help you make your home look more attractive to potential buyers. In general, the way to do that is to remove clutter from your space–both actual junk and unnecessary furniture or other items that make the space look crowded. Once items have been removed to make the space look larger, home staging professionals will generally rearrange the items that remain to present a more appealing image, like something from a furniture catalog.

The Principles of Home Staging

The general guiding principle of home staging is to make your home look anonymous, removing your personal touch from its look in order to allow buyers to project their own personalities and lives onto the space. This is why house stagers typically recommend that you remove family photos or other personal items from display–these things are like aesthetic fingerprints, reminding the viewer too strongly of your life in this house and making it harder for buyers to imagine their own lives there.