Four Tips for Better Garage Organization

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The garage can be a great usable space for families of all sizes, and it can also be a place where things end up when they don’t have a spot in the home. If your garage is looking packed to the brim or completely disorganized, you may want to close the door rather than deal with the problem. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to improve garage organization to make this space useable again.

Four Tips for Better Garage Organization

1. Go Vertical – While the garage floor is usually where everything lands, going vertical by installing shelves and hooks on the walls can be a huge help when it comes to creating space. Using the vertical wall space is a great way to clear clutter and have a better look at what you are using and storing in the garage.

2. Keep the Floor Clear – Another tip for better garage organization is to keep the garage floor clear. This is especially important if you want to park in the garage, but it can also be essential if you tackle home improvement projects or work on other jobs in the garage. Giving everything that “lives” in the garage a designated space will help keep it off the floor.

3. Utilize Overhead Space – If your garage is constructed with beams or a storage area overhead, using this space can be an important way to preserve the open space below for daily living. If you choose to use overhead storage, it will be important to keep less frequently used items there, and you will want to clearly mark boxes and totes with their contents.

4. Install Open Shelving – While it may be tempting to use garage organization equipment like closed cabinets, installing open shelving is often a better choice. This way, you can see everything that you have and use and can replace items that you need quickly and easily.

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